3 Ways to Hack your Health

Biohacking is a term coined to describe ways the average person can optimize human performance physically, cognitively, and spiritually. Biohacking includes concepts from natural methods of using resources readily available to everyone, to adding wearable or implantable tracking devices, and oral or injectable nutraceuticals. Biohacking is a means to change the expression of the cells and genes in your own body. More people are looking for quick fixes through biohacking to stay healthy and improve their overall wellbeing. The cost of biohacking can be as little as nothing to as much as thousands of dollars. In this article, I will share some ways of understanding your biological numbers and hack into your well-being.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, and nothing written in this article should take the place of advisement from a licensed, trained, and trusted physician. As a matter of your health, you should do your own research before practicing any of the subsequent methods shared in this article.

Track your health

Wearable devices can provide you with insight to your personal health data. Tracking your daily activity can help you optimize your health patterns. Wearables are used to track sleep, heart rate, oxygen levels, workout intensity, correct posture, and protect your eyes.

Smart watches such as Apple or Galaxy, Garmin, and Fitbit are common wearables for tracking overall physical activity with built in monitoring for number of steps taken, hours slept, and heart rate. An additional benefit of these devices is falling alert and the ability to signal an SOS alert.

The Whoop wrist strap and Oura ring are two of the best sleep tracking devices. Both devices track and analyze your sleep cycles to provide you with information that will help you make necessary adjustments to optimize your sleep/wake cycles. Additionally, both devices track your activity levels throughout the day. Deciding which device to use will likely depend on your personal preference. The Oura also integrates well with IOS and android systems. I have learned through sleep tracking that it isn’t always the quantity of sleep I get, but the quality of the sleep I am getting.

The bottom line is wearables provide daily insight of your physical wellbeing and are great resources to help you enhance your physical and cognitive performance.

DNA Testing

DNA testing can provide useful information into your genetic predispositions and allow you an opportunity to change the expression of your genes and possibly overcome health challenges handed down to you through your family of origin. DNA testing can provide insight to genetic information that isn’t as obvious as the color of your eyes, hair and skin. DNA testing can provide insightful information regarding muscle development, how your body uses food, and how your internal systems respond to your surroundings. Some common tests include 23andMe, Muhdo, Living DNA, Ancestry DNA. You can do a search online to find a test you think will provide you with the best information.

Wearable devices and genetic testing are two resources to help you “hack” into your health and gain a greater understanding of your individual biology.  If you aren’t interested in pursuing either of those two avenues, you can incorporate some commonsense lifestyle practices to “hack” your health and possibly optimize your well-being and daily performance. Following are a few practices to help you.

Mindfulness Journal

Manually track your daily activity, experiences, feelings, and emotions in a journal. Note the time you wake up, the time you go to bed, how you feel physically and emotionally when you rise, how you feel physically and emotionally as you go to bed. Note how much time you spend on devices such as computers, smart phones, iPad, television, etc. Include how much time you spent exercising, walking, and sitting. Track your food intake, make sure you are eating enough food and note how your food makes you feel physically and emotionally. Track your interactions with other people in person and online. Note how your human interactions make you feel. Journaling is a great way to cultivate awareness around the things that motivate and encourage us and the things that challenge us and disrupt our well-being.

Everything we do impacts our physical and emotional health. The art and science of living a higher quality of life begins with you taking control of your health and well-being by helping the home you live in everyday, your body, feel better and perform better. You cannot change things you are not aware need to change. Using the tools in this article can help you have more meaningful conversations with your health practitioner and make individualized decisions to live well and be well.

You are a unique individual. There is no one else on earth just like you. You are the best resource of determining what is best for you. Diet trends, fads, and common prescriptions are diagnosis based on averages. You are meant for a greater than average life. Your life is important and of value, every day is an opportunity to optimize you! Seize it!


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